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MyJobMatch is a service created for employers, job seekers with a disability, and employment support professionals to come together to track, match, and secure meaningful job opportunities. 

Why MyJobMatch

For Job Seekers
  • Get matched with employers quickly and easily
  • Build a profile, browse and like jobs, start an application and check notifications. 
Find Jobs
  • Empower employment support professionals to focus on high-value skills  
  • Expand your workforce by finding great employees 
  • Collaborate between agencies to secure employment  
  • Manage the customer relationships better and track success 

And more!

About MyJobMatch

Our Mission

To empowers job seekers who have a disability and employers to come together for successful and supported employment opportunities. 

Our Vision

Thriving society that includes people of all abilities being seen, heard, and supported within the workplace. 

Our Values

Inclusion & Belonging 

A trusted, caring, and inclusive experience for job seekers, employers, and employment support professionals

Employment opportunities that encourage a sense of belonging for the job seeker 


Where people of all abilities are seen, heard, supported, and celebrated   

Job seekers are empowered by choice of employment opportunities  

Effective & Efficient  

Reduces administrative tasks to help employment support professionals focus on high-value, high-touch tasks  

Seamless Collaboration 

Builds and maintains the connections between agencies, job seekers, and employers so that the experience is smooth and successful 

MyJobMatch Is For

Job Seeker

We offer people with a disability more opportunities for meaningful employment.

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With MyJobMatch you find candidates aligned and motivated to work with your organization!

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Employment Support Professionals

As employment support professionals we know that being part of someone else’s success is what motivates you.

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See what our users say about us

“I was so excited to go to my first interview and was really happy my job coach came with me.”

Ben / MyJobMatch participant

Over the years, we have had a hard time finding someone reliable to fulfil our cleaning needs. The candidate we found with MyJobMatch enjoys working with us and we are really happy with the job they are providing.

Stephen / Owner of Bulger Gallery

I love that they saw beyond the layers and took a chance on me. They helped me get my foot in the door and I am grateful.

Sam / MyJobMatch participant